"Castle Concerts" Spring - Summer 2018 

Miramare Castle - Trieste
Castle in Udine
Lantieri Palace in Gorizia
Given the growing success of participation both residents of tourists in the previous editions, it was decided to broaden the audience to the entire region: Concerts at the Castle in fact begin in the magnificent halls of the noble Palazzo Lantieri located in the historical center of Gorizia, to move then in the usual, charming home to Miramare and continue finally in the beautiful Renaissance 
Fair of Udine Castle. The castles, of which our
 region is particularly rich, concert venues wern born in some cases as mansions or as real fortifications and later became noble palaces, such as Palazzo Lantieri in Gorizia. In any case are places suited cultural entertainment for charm and appeal with a sophisticated historical and architectural excellent, and at the same ideals by the way also in acoustics. Halls, painted or with important furniture, are the ideal setting for the chamber music repertoire that embraces a span of three centuries, and induce the public that attend concerts a full-immersion broad for art, history and culture . 
Each other for ancient dwellings, in some ways diminished in the time of their housing characteristics, derive from concerts convivial new vitality and are measured in a different light. 
In the absence of a real stage as in the theater, the concerts take place with a greater closeness and intimacy with the performers, and therefore with the maximum involvement of the public. 
Concerts at the Castle will appeal to an audience of passionate music lovers, as well as young people, music experts and not, for you to do precisely this love for the artistic culture and want to treat it as an asset for the person and social value.